As a part of ADEM’s Storm Water Permit, Opelika follows a City-Wide Storm Water Management Plan known as a “SWAMP”. This book is active for a 4-year period and requires annual IDDE awareness training.

ONE MAJOR FACET of the SWAMP PROMOTES AN SPCC plan. This stands FOR SPILL PREVENTION CONTROL & COUNTERMEASURE PLAN.   This promotes spill response and cleanup for any type of spill. Each work section should have a list of Emergency Contacts with phone numbers.

At the end of this training, employees should be able to understand spill concepts, spill prevention, spill assistance and cleanup methods. Basic themes are….

•  Common sense prevents spills

•  Using funnels to transfer liquids  

•  Not storing liquids near floor drains

•  Attend in loading and unloading of chemicals & polluting liquids

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