IDDE Training 2023

Opelika IDDE Annual Training - All Personnel

Employees have already participated in 1 live IDDE (Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination) training session and 6 annual web-based trainings sessions on various Stormwater related topics. You should recall the phrase, if you see something, say something”. As a reminder, you are instructed to alert your immediate supervisor if any situation, stormwater blowouts, leaks, broken pipes, or sites that have the potential to pollute or are polluting. The Stormwater division receives multiple calls each year from employees with great environmental awareness which is logged and eventually reported to ADEM along with 85 other auditable items described in Opelika’s latest 5-year Stormwater Maintenance Program Plan (SWMPP). Other than Opelika, there are at least 10 other county, state and federal agencies that work to protect our water resources.

Alabama - MS 4 Cities


As required by Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) all 81 MS-4 cities must have elements of environmental protection and stormwater management represented throughout the city’s programs, departments, and administration. (the Fire department, the Parks department, Sewer department, building inspections department, the environmental services department, etc.) This type of uniform representation is termed “institutional”.