Storm Water Management

What is Storm Water?

Storm water is the rain that falls on your roof, sidewalk or yard, and water that runs off a parking lot. This is storm water, not sewer water. Surface water, or rainwater is essential to all life. Contaminated by man, pollutants can cause health problems. Surface water impacts groundwater through infiltration. Many cities and towns draw drinking water from surface and ground water. Once the ground water strata (aquifer) becomes contaminated with pollutants (chemicals) it becomes useless for years. Surface water includes: Springs, creeks, streams, rivers, ponds and lakes.

In fact, protecting all water is so important that most cities have adopted ordinances to give cities the power of law to ensure protection of water.

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Opelika’s ordinance was adopted 9-20-2011. Number 117-11.

Be a good citizen and report any concern you have.

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