Carver Jeter Revitalization Plan


The Carver and Jeter Community Planning Initiative is a comprehensive planning and visioning process initiated by the City of Opelika, Alabama for the purposes of better connecting the Carver and Jeter neighborhoods to the greater city of Opelika and for establishing a compelling vision for the future of these neighborhoods. This 20 week process leveraged community input to generate a strategic plan for land use and zoning, transportation, open space and environment, urban design. historic resources, public services, economic development for the community.

This planning initiative serves as a strategic tool for ensuring that the proper structure is put into place to enable
Opelika's Carver and Jeter neighborhoods to become the kind of a place that represents a rich heritage and a promising future. Opelika is a city that cares - the perfect setting for families of all ages and backgrounds. It is a city that embraces business and innovation. And it is a community that's committed to providing a quality of life for all of its citizens regardless of age, income or race.

This master plan establishes the framework for ensuring that Opelika and its historic surrounding neighborhoods will preserve all that is already so valuable within the community today while also attaining an exciting new vision for their future.