Notary Service

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The Opelika Public Library offers the convenience of Notary Public services for no charge. The Notary witnesses the signing of a document or signing of a sworn statement on a document.

NOTE: Notary services are dependent on the Notary’s availability. Please call (334) 705-5380 in advance to ensure the availability of and/or schedule an appointment.

The Library’s Notary is simply witnessing the signing of a document and is only verifying the following:

The signer of the document appeared before the Notary

The Notary positively identified the signer, and

The signer both acknowledged the signature is his/hers and that the signature was made willingly.


Bring a current/valid government issued photo ID for every person who will be signing the document. This requirement also applies to witnesses. Expired IDs cannot be accepted.

If there is more than one party signing a document, all parties must appear before the Notary at the same time in order for a notarization to be completed.

If the document is clearly meant for two separate signers to sign at different times with different notarizations, the signatures may be made at separate times.

Bring the document requiring notarization, filled out completely, with you. All blanks in the document must be filled in before notarization; place “N/A” in blanks if not applicable.

If your document requires witnesses, you are responsible for providing them. Witnesses may not be solicited from patrons in the library. A witness must:

Be personally known to you

Be willing to stand up in court on your behalf

Be at least 18 years of age

Have a current/valid government issued photo ID


Notary services are dependent on the Notary’s availability. Please call ahead.

You are not to sign any documents until the Notary is present.

Notary Publics are prohibited from offering legal advice to the public. Please consult with your attorney, real estate agent, or other legal professional if you have any questions before presenting a document for notarization.

All documents to be notarized must be in English. Notaries are not permitted to make use of a translator to communicate with a Notary customer. OPL does not have a Spanish-speaking notary at this time.

Notaries will not provide service if the customer, document, or circumstance of the request for notary service raises any issue of authenticity, ambiguity, doubt, or uncertainty for the notary. The Library’s Notary may, at her sole discretion, decline to provide notary service.