Estate Lots

Estate lots are available in Garden Hills Cemetery in approved designated area. Maps indicating these approved areas are available in the cemetery office. Eight burial spaces constitute a full lot. Estate lots are available only in groups of four (4) or eight (8) burial spaces. Estate lots offer the ability for memorialization that would normally exceed the regulations of other traditional burial lots. These lots are set aside from others and are bordered by hedges. Walls and fences are not allowed. Substantial upright family monuments, benches, sidewalks, statues, mausoleums and private columbaria are permitted. Features such as prominent utilitarian and artistic items that enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the cemetery are allowed subject to the approval of the cemetery superintendent. The cost of the structure or feature will be the responsibility of the person arranging for the structure or feature.

All estate structures and features must meet the following guidelines:


The dimensions of the structure or feature may not exceed ten (10) feet in overall height (including façade) from the ground level. Only one mausoleum will be permitted on each estate lot. The mausoleum shall not exceed 80% of the combined burial spaces within the estate lot. No structure shall exceed two hundred twenty-five (225) square feet. Cemetery structures include, but are not limited to monuments, markers, headstones, statues, benches, vases, mausolea, columbaria and buildings.


The structure must be of first glass granite, marble or equally high durable stone. Doors, windows and other accessories shall be of similar high-quality materials such as bronze or bullet-resistance glass. 


All plans, specifications and location shall be subject to the cemetery superintendent’s approval. The style of each structure or feature shall be in keeping with the aesthetics of the cemetery (classical) structures as opposed to “modern”.


A structure shall have a concrete steel reinforced trench poured foundation. The actual width, depth, PSI, strength and reinforcing requirements of each structure shall be subject to the City building codes for like structures and are subject to the approval of the cemetery superintendent or his designee.

General Requirements and Restrictions

1. No enclosure of any kind, such as a fence, coping, hedge or ditch shall be permitted around any burial space. Hedges are permitted around the perimeter of the Estate lot.

2. Setters, urns, boxes, shells, toys and similar articles shall not be permitted to be placed or maintained on any burial space within the estate lot.

3. Grave slab ledgers are not permitted.

4. No mausoleum or columbarium shall be used for any other purpose than for the interment of the human dead.

5. No monument, headstone, mausoleum, marker or similar structure that is offensive or detracts from the appearance or dignity of the cemetery, shall be erected, placed or maintained in or upon the estate lot. If any marker, effigy, structure, improvement or other object, whatsoever, or any inscription be placed in or upon any estate lot which may be determined by the City of Opelika to be offensive or injurious to the appearance of the surrounding lots or grounds, the Cemetery Superintendent shall have the right to enter upon such Estate lot and to remove such offensive items or objects.


Any person desiring to have a structure or feature installed in the estate lot shall first apply for permission to the cemetery superintendent or his designee. The application shall be accompanied by a color photograph or current rendering of the proposed structure or feature, the text or style of any inscription, the name of the manufacturer or artist and the desired location. The cemetery superintendent must approve all shrubs, hedges and plantings before they are set in place. No plantings shall encroach on neighboring lots. Plantings may be removed by the cemetery superintendent if they become unsightly or overgrown by weeds.