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Community Programs

The Opelika Police Department proudly provides several community service programs to the residents of Opelika.  Below is a brief overview of some of these programs.

Citizen’s Police Academy-This is a eight-week program designed to give citizens an up close and personal look at the day-to-day operations of their Police Department.  Currently there are two classes each year, one in the spring and another in the fall.

Youth Camp-Our annual youth camp is for fourth grade students, going into the fifth grade.  It is for children who might now otherwise get to participate in a summer activity.  It is three days of fun in the sun at Springvilla Park.  Activities include games. Cookouts, nature hikes and swimming.

Crime Prevention Surveys-Opelika Police Department’s Crime Prevention Officer will come to your home or business and perform a crime prevention survey.  He or she will point out the areas where you may be vulnerable to crime and give practical solutions to reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

Neighborhood Watch-The Opelika Police Department sponsors a neighborhood watch program.  This is designed to reduce crime in a specific neighborhood by increased vigilance and reporting.  It is very effective when there is adequate participation by at least 75% of the people living within the affected neighborhood.  

DARE-Another very important activity of your Police Department is our DARE program.  This is for fifth and seventh grade students in the Opelika City School System.  It is to teach kids the skills they need to stay drug free and resist violence.  It teaches eight ways to say no to drugs as well as ways to discuss and solve problems before they escalate to violence.  This is another very satisfying program for all those who work with it.

Drug Awareness Talks-Opelika Police Officers go to many area schools and churches to speak about the dangers of drugs and drug abuse.  We also do the same for many private businesses who wish to inform their employees of these dangers to promote a safer work environment for everyone.

School Resource Officers-The Opelika Police Department has two School Resource Officers, who primarily work at Opelika High School.  They act as liaisons between the schools and the Police Department on all matter of safety and law enforcement on campus.

Pre-K Activities-Several times throughout the year we interact with the Pre-K programs in Opelika.  We give motivational speeches, tours of the Police Department and positive role models for the young children involved in the Pre-K program.

Crisis Youth Intervention-Several times a month we act as intermediaries between the school system and the Lee County Youth Development Center.  This targets at-risk kids and strives to turn them around before they commit serious crimes and are forced to face the inevitable consequences of their actions.  This is done by giving the kids involved exposure to the juvenile justice system, as an observer, to hopefully change the path they are on.

McGruff-The Opelika Police Department provides a “McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog” to area schools, businesses, daycares, and churches.  McGruff is a big hit with the kids and a lot of fun for the officers who accompany McGruff.