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Animal Control

Desmond Boswell
Animal Control Officer          

Phone:                                   (334) 705-5480

Opelika has one Animal Control Officer (ACO) whose primary duty is to enforce Opelika’s Leash Law. The majority of the stray dogs and cats he picks up are taken to the Lee County Humane Society with some returned to their owner. He also responds to cases of animal neglect and cruelty. 


ACO will pick up any animal which is not controlled by an adequate leash or tether, or is not under the owner’s control. During breeding season all female dogs and cats should be confined.


Every person who owns a dog or cat over the age of 4 months shall secure on an annual basis a rabies vaccination. Dogs are required to wear the vaccination tag on a durable collar or harness. Cats are not required to wear their vaccination tag.


The following animals may be impounded: 


State law requires that anyone bitten or scratched by an animal must file a bite report with the Opelika Police Department. The report is forwarded to the Lee County Rabies Control officer.


The Animal Control Officer is responsible for enforcing the City of Opelika's leash law.  For emergencies after hours, please call the Opelika Police Department at (334) 705-5200.