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Solid Waste Division

Terry White 
Director, Environmental Services

Phone:            (334) 705-5480

Opelika Environmental Services is responsible for garbage collection, trash collection, recycling, and animal control


Garbage Collection
The City of Opelika operates an automated system for garbage collection utilizing 95-gallon carts at each home.  Small businesses are provided with a 95-gallon or 300-gallon cart.  The City runs residential and/or business routes Monday-Thursday with each home or business having a scheduled collection day.  Garbage is described as non-hazardous household waste (other than wood or metal).  Please do not place cardboard boxes in your cart, but place them with your trash or take to a recycling center. All garbage placed in cart must be bagged.

Please make sure your garbage cart is  placed at the street no later than 6:30 a.m. on your service day. It is permissible to place your cart the night before.  There are times when your route may be run earlier than normal and you will be missed if your cart is not in place. When your cart is missed because it is not on the street when the garbage truck services your street, your garbage WILL NOT BE PICKED UP until your next collection day.  If this causes you to have an overflow situation, you may bring your bagged waste to the Jeter Recyling Center, located at 765 Jeter Ave., and deposit it in a 300 gallon container anytime during our hours of operation - Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Carts need to be removed from the street at the end of their collection day.  Carts need to be placed in the resident’s side yard, carport, garage, backyard or screened area. Failure to do so will result in a $10.00 service fee.  It also makes our city much more attractive if carts are removed at the end of their collection day.

Cart lids must be closed for us to pick up your cart on collection day. If your cart is  habitually overflowing, a second cart will be provided at a monthly rate of $10.00. 

For HOLIDAYS:  If a holiday falls on or before your collection day, your garbage will be picked up ONE DAY LATER that week

Trash Collection

Trash is defined as any of the following: limbs, grass trimmings (bagged), leaves (bagged), furniture, and appliances, metal objects and other “non-hazardous” materials. House hold appliances require a permit from City Hall before they will be picked up.  Appliances that contain Freon are $15 and items that do not contain Freon are $5.   Appliances may be brought to the Jeter Recycling Center at no charge.  The Jeter Recycling Center hours are:  8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:00 a.m. through NOON on Saturdays

The City will not pick up any hazardous material, dirt, rocks, building/remodeling material, concrete or tires.  The City will only pick up gallon paint containers if they has been solidified with sand, kitty litter, or oil dry.

All trash should be placed off the street and in your yard near the street. Opelika’s Garbage and Trash Ordinance does not allow trash to be thrown into any storm sewer, gutter, sidewalk or street within the city.  

Grass clippings, shrubbery trimmings or loose trash that may blow must be boxed or bagged. Failure to box or bag will result in a $10.00 service fee. If you do not want to bag or box these items, you may request an additional cart for $10.00 per month. 

Please bag all leaves and grass clippings before placing in your yard near the street. This greatly increases the productivity of our collection crews and helps us complete collection in a timely manner. It will also minimize any damage our collection trucks might do to the area where you place your trash. Please use biodegradable bags if possible.  If you do not bag your leaves, please keep them separate from other trash.

Please place your limbs, leaves and trimmings in one pile and all other items in another pile.
Any trash placed on street must be bagged or boxed.

Some residents are putting extremely large piles out that can’t be serviced with one stop.  In cases like this, the collection truck will pick up part of the trash and will pick up the remainder in subsequent weeks. All limbs should be cut in 5 foot lengths or less, and should be no larger than 6" in diameter.  There will be an additional charge for limbs larger than 6" diameter.

City crews will not pick up trash that is placed under power, cable or phone lines or if trash is placed too close to mail boxes or on top of sewer manholes.

Please make sure trash piles are not blocked by parked vehicles.

Trash is collected Monday through Friday with no designated pick up day for any location. With the seasonal fluctuation of trash it is difficult to set a collection day for your trash pickup that would be the same year round.  OUR GOAL is to pick up your trash on the SAME DAY your garbage is picked up.

No construction material will be collected. If you have this type material, call our office for a quote. 

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