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Office Hours
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30p.m

City of Opelika, Purchasing Department
Post Office Box  390
Opelika, Alabama 36803-0390

Opelika City Hall
204 South 7th Street
Opelika, Alabama 36801

Phone: (334) 705-5120
Fax: (334) 705-5128

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The mission of the Purchasing Department is the procurement of supplies, equipment and materials used by the City of Opelika, consistent with high quality, timely delivery and the economy.  The department is to assist in the development of standards and specifications, review catalogs and other informational literature to discover sources of improved equipment and to promote the standardization of supplies and equipment.  The department is also responsible for the proper maintenance of records and to ensure compliance with State Laws, City Ordinances and policies as they pertain to purchases made by the City.  The department has charge of general storerooms and warehouses.  The department transfers between offices or sells through surplus, obsolete or unused supplies, materials and equipment.  The department performs such other duties as may be imposed by the Mayor or by resolution or ordinance by the Council. 

Goals and Objectives

  1. To conduct the entire process of public purchasing in an absolutely impeccable and crystal-clear manner and without conflict of interest, as to eliminate any possibility or appearance of improper business relationships.
  2. To ensure compliance with all State of Alabama Laws, City of Opelika Ordinances, rules, regulations and policies.
  3. To make all purchases on the basis of competition, unless an emergency situation requires immediate action for the preservation of the City's property, or the protection and convenience of the public, or if the requirement can be satisfied by only one source.
  4. To deal fairly and equitably with our contractors and suppliers and their authorized representatives, and extend to all responsible organizations and individuals an equal opportunity to share in providing materials and services in accordance with our requirements.
  5. To manage City procurement activities to achieve the maximum value for the monies expended and to ensure that the quality is acceptable to meet the requirements.
  6. To hire, train, and maintain a competent purchasing staff with high personal integrity and the capability of protecting public interest at all times.
  7. Ensure a minimum number of dependable sources of supply for materials, supplies, equipment, and services procured by the department, while maintaining an optimum balance of quality, service, and cost.
  8. Establish and maintain effective interactions with operating departments in order to understand and support their business needs, to continually meet their performance expectations and to provide strong functional leadership in the procurement process.
  9. Optimize investment in supply inventories through cooperative and supportive activity with operating departments, and to protect and preserve all supplies which are being held in storage.
  10. Direct the investment recovery program to maximize the recovery through practical scrap and surplus disposal.
  11. Develop and maintain a Purchasing Performance Measurement and Evaluation process.

Becoming a Vendor

A vendor application with substitute W-9 form.

PDF Icon  Vendor Application Form

These forms may be completed online and electronically transmitted to the Purchasing Department. You may also send a request for a "vendor application" to be sent to you. Once completed and returned, you may either be sent a RFB/RFP or be called and asked to provide a quotation whenever a department makes a purchasing request for a product or service falling under your commodity code(s).