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Holiday Week Garbage Collection Schedules

Holiday Garbage Collection Schedule

Every year when special holidays come around, and the City of Opelika offices are closed, garbage collection schedules for that holiday week will change as well.  As a reminder of these schedule changes, the City places “holiday garbage schedules” up on our website, on our Facebook pages, on the local radio stations, and in both the OA News and the Opelika Observer. Unfortunately, the City inevitably receives phone calls from folks from each garbage collection route who didn’t know that the holiday schedule would affect their pick up schedule for that week. We hope to alleviate some of this confusion for you by letting you know the scheduled holidays when garbage collection schedules will change. Please note:  NOT EVERYONE’S GARBAGE SCHEDULE WILL CHANGE during EVERY holiday week. 


Holidays the City of Opelika offices ALWAYS Observe:


How Garbage Pick-up schedules are set during Holidays

The City of Opelika divides our community up into FOUR different sections for the purposes of garbage collection.  Each of the four sections is assigned a specific day for garbage collection. Garbage collection days are Mondays through Thursdays throughout most of the year.  However, during Holiday weeks,schedules can change.  HERE are the Holiday schedules for

When the Holiday falls on a Monday

§  Everyone’s garbage collection day will be ONE DAY LATER. – i.e. Monday’s routes will be picked up on Tuesday;Tuesday’s routes on Wednesday, Wednesday’s routes on Thursday, and Thursday’s routes on Friday.

When the Holiday falls on a Tuesday


When the Holiday falls on a Wednesday

When the Holiday falls on a Thursday


When the Holiday falls on a Friday


When the City takes two days off fora holiday (like Thanksgiving and Christmas)


We hope this will help you plan your weekly schedules for the holiday schedules in Opelika.  If you have any questions about any particular holiday, please feel free to call the Solid Waste Department at (334) 705-5480.