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Officer of the Quarter

Each quarter the OpelikaPolice Department honors an "Officer of the  Quarter" foroutstanding actions during the line of duty. And each quarter Mayor GaryFuller honors that officer at a City Council Meeting.  The City ofOpelika is proud of the dedication and service these officers provide to thecitizens of Opelika. We are equally proud to publicize the honor given toofficers by their fellow peers, which is so richly deserved. 

Recognition for May17, 2016

Officer Recognized:

Officer Michael Carswell             

Mayor Gary Fuller, Officer Michael Carswell, Police Chief John McEachern, and Asst. Chief Bob Holley


Reason for Recognition:














Officer Michael Carswell has been selected as the Officer of the Quarterfor the 1st quarter of 2016 by his peers. Below is a synopsis of hisactions and some biographical information.

Throughout the First Quarter of 2016, Officer Carswell has been highly successful by proactively patrolling the City of Opelika. During this short time, Officer Carswell has seized 9 firearms. Several of the guns had been reported as stolen through the Lee County Sheriff’s Department, as well as, surrounding jurisdictions. Officer Carswell has arrested 20 offenders for offenses related directly to the use and sale of illegal narcotics and possession of stolen items. Two of these cases were for Trafficking in Cocaine and Marijuana.  Two other cases will be turned over to the United States Attorney’s Office for Federal prosecution. Officer Carswell is extremely proactive as his case load indicates. The quantity and quality of work, along with the level of integrity which Officer Carswell brings to the job, makes him a model of professionalism that should serve as an example to other officers. This dedication is why Officer Carswell is one of the leading officers in the department when it comes to proactive criminal enforcement. Officer Carswell is a great example of what a motivated and dedicated Opelika police officer is. He proudly represents the Opelika Police Department and City of Opelika as a whole.

Officer Carswell has been with the Opelika Police Department since June of 2012.  He has been voted as the "Officer of the Month" twice by his peers (June 2013 / June 2014)