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Storm Water Management Resources

Below are listed several topics as related to Storm Water Management resources.  If you do not find the information you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact the City of Opelika's Engineering Department by calling:  (334) 705-5450 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Storm Water Management Archives

All of the brochures listed below are in PDF File format.  PDF Icon 

Erosion and Sediment Control

This brochure explains what erosion and sediment problems are in the area and the importance of controlling erosion and sediment.   

Lawn Care and Smart Yards

This brochure explains the Alabama Smart Yards initiative and the benefits of the program to the community.

Local Water Resources

This brochure describes the water resources, or rivers and creeks, located in Lee County, Alabama and the importance of managing our area water resources.

Local Watersheds

This brochure explains what a watershed is and where the local watersheds are in Lee County. It also highlights programs in the watersheds for community involvement.

Low Impact Development

This brochure describes what low impact development and the advantages of using LID practices on your property.

Materials Management

This brochure outlines proper management of common household chemicals and the importance of proper handling.

Moores Mill Creek Watershed

     This brochure describes the Moores Mill Creek Watershed in detail and community involvement programs within the watershed.

Rain Garden Design

This brochure explains what a rain garden is, how a rain garden will benefit your community and how to effectively design one for your property.

Sanitary or Storm Sewer

This brochure explains the differences between sanitary sewer systems and storm sewer systems and how to identify the differences on the manhole covers.

Saugahatchee Creek Watershed

This brochure describes the Saugahatchee Creek Watershed in detail and community involvement programs within the watershed.

Storm Water - Alternative Technologies

This brochure explores other options for storm water treatment in our community and the advantages and disadvantages to these technologies.

Storm Water - Illicit Discharge

This brochure explains what an illicit discharge is and how to prevent storm water pollution through identification of illicit discharges in your community.

Storm Water - Stream Buffers

This brochure explains what a stream buffer is, what it is trying to accomplish, the advantages of your community having a stream buffer, and outlines local stream buffer ordinances.

Storm Water - Websites

This brochure provides informational websites for the public about storm water related topics.

Storm Water - Wetlands

This brochure explains what a wetland is, the benefits of wetlands, and provides information on local wetlands and how to protect them.